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Cinema in the city

'The true realist is the visionario'
 Federico Fellini

Its name is Visionario and it is much more than a cinema. It is a new space for culture in the city centre and a great centre dedicated to the visual arts.

Cinema Visionario - sala esposizioniIt contains: three screening rooms (Astra, Minerva and Eden for a total of 400 seats) a large gallery space (with a 20-foot-long wall and a flexible area of 200 square metres for hosting exhibitions), an Internet bar (110 square metres covered), a multimedia library (to be opened in the second half of 2005), a meeting/conference room and a bookshop with the latest publications (over 700 international titles in an array of genres – photography, contemporary art, painting, architecture, illustration, music videos and video art – as well as a vast selection of DVDs – 500 titles chosen for quality in technique and content, that range from the cinematic classics to the most famous popular Italian films to Asian cinema). 

The building, ‘30s modern, by the illustrious architect Ermes Midena, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology systems: WI FI in every room, Dolby surround EX in the three screening rooms, high potency illumination for the projection lamps (the clarity and brilliance of film images is dependent on the high potency of the lamps in each one of the 5 projectors that reproduce the best luminosity/screen ratio to be found in the region).

Visionario,  true to its name, and true to the art of cinema in all its magic, artifice, imagination and the concept of fantastic invention, aims to be, in essence, an expression of idealism, utopia, and dreamers. An extraordinary place, original and unconventional, no slave to the corporate rules of the multiplexes – those profit factories and cinema supermarkets – but a place that can be experienced holistically and independently.
A new place, one-of-kind not only for Udine but for all of Italy, where culture is practiced and welcomed:  visual arts and film screenings, videos and exhibitions, entertainment and education; a place that expresses a great repository of knowledge that is continually growing.
. Cinema Visionario - Parete di Gianluigi Toccafond

A unique “visionary” wall, 10 metres long, by Gianluigi Toccafondo adorns the entrance. Like an illustrated history of cinema – both general and art-house – these “brushwork” figures seem to be an archetypal reminder of the legendary images of quality and experimental cinema. Coloured shapes, fluttering marks, long lines of colour fade across a 10 –meter high wall, framing the faces of Clint Eastwood and the Unforgiven, Nicole Kidman in The Portrait of Lady, Al Pacino in Scarface. The intense colours of Kieslowski’s films Blue and Red catch fire in an explosion of pigments and shapes on the poster of Trainspotting, then glow in the pastels of the landscapes from Kiarostami’s Where is my Friend’s House and the soft red reinvented in Wim Wender’s Paris, Texas.  Together with 74 posters they make this wall a strongly symbolic and unique work of art. The total impression is enchanting. A colourful, original work of art that is both exclusive and permanent.

Besides the Visionario there is another cinema in the Udine’s city centre proper: the Centrale, with two screening rooms.   

The Cinema Centrale and the Visionario make up the "Schermi di città" (city screens) and are run by the CEC Centro Espressione Arti Cinematografiche (external link). 

 To look up programming schedules in the city, click on this reference page (in italian).




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