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Udine eight itineraries

Located in a flat territory behind the foot of the mountains, the city is distinguished by the 16th century hill-top castle that dominates the city’s landscape. Il Castello - Fotografia di Ulderica Da Pozzo
The Udinese hill has been identified as a site of human habitation since prehistoric times. Used by its first settlers for its natural characteristics offering protection, it soon became a fortified centre and in later centuries became the seat of political and religious power.
Even today the hill with its castle is the symbol of the city of Udine. The city “extends outwards” from the hill, which historically expanded according to 4 different phases starting from the hill and prevalently towards the south-east, as can be seen from studies of the city walls, which little by little grew to enclose the outlying areas.

The historical centre extends on the southwestern side of the castle hill, and boasts the “Venetian” piazza Libertà. Piazza Libertà is comprised of two loggias, the Loggia di San Giovanni and the Loggia del Lionello, which face away from the Palazzo Comunale designed by the architect Raimondo D’Aronco in the early 1900sParticolare Piazza Libertà - Fotografia di Ulderica Da Pozzo

Two pleasant porticoed avenues lead from piazza Libertà: heading south is via Vittorio Veneto, bordering the Cathedral construction, and heading north is via Mercatovecchio with the adjacent piazza San Giacomo (or Mercatonuovo) which has been a commercial centre in the city for centuries.
The importance that the city of Udine has acquired throughout the centuries is attested by the wealth of its architectonic and artistic heritage. If the city’s piazzas and streets offer up an architectonic mosaic of great value for its quality and variety, the city’s museums offer a multitude of artistic experiences.

The museum network of Udine ranges from archeology to contemporary art, from internationally known artists to collections of local flavour. The city also hosts important events and an exciting theatre season.
Take advantage of the all that Udine has to offer with the pages of cultural itineraries shown here below; admire historical palaces and churches of historical and artistic interest as well visit the museums of Udine, the Castle, Gamud and the Diocesan Museum… 


Explore Udine…along with a multi-lingual audioguide that can be rented from the Regione FVG. To find out more …….visit the Regione FVG website

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