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Archeology, popular tradition, graphics, design, Tiepolo's frescoes ...

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The "Visionario", a place for culture in the city; cinema, media ...

Library "V. Joppi" historical memory of the city, Modern and Childrens' Sections and ...

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Udine Cultura map


This map contains the right location of museums, theaters, libraries, churches and monuments which are historically and artistically important for the town.

It locates also the two infopoints of Udine. The staff of PuntoInforma can give, to the tourist but also to the citizen, brochures, depliants and all news regarding the events of Udine; the regional tourist office, indeed, can give you information about events organised by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.

Each point is indicated into the map with a symbol and an explanation note. Furthermore some websites are also linked to obtain more detailed information.
The map is very helpful to localize places where cultural events or exhibitions are hold.

If you want to discover known places of historical importance and also hidden treasures of Udine, visit the intineraries we suggest you.

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