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Theatre is one of Udine’s cultural strengths, an exemplary model of synergy between performance spaces, variety of productions and the professional quality of venues and their staff.  

Taking centre stage on the theatre scene is the Fondazione Teatro Nuovo “Giovanni da Udine”, hosting programmed seasons of music, prose and dance since 1997, enhanced by sophisticated set designs and a notably large stage and seating area.  Another point of reference is the municipally-managed Palamostre, home since the 1970s to almost all the city’s most important cultural events. After a recent restoration, it has been elevated to become the fulcrum of organized programming, with a special attention given to contemporary artistic expression.

The scene is completed by another two venues: the parish-owned Teatro “San Giorgio” currently used per municipal agreement by the CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia, as an experimental space for new artistic expression; and the Auditorium “Menossi” di S. Osvaldo, having minor spaces (neighbourhood or scholastic) suitable for hosting non-scheduled events.

This variety of venues is matched by the many local organizations that make ongoing contributions to the Udine theatre experience: the nationally renowned CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia has over thirty years of experience in experimental theatre (“Teatro Contatto” season) and the production of innovative set designs; the Teatro Club Udine, a “historical” association from the 1960s which has in the last decade renewed its activities in civic theatre (“Akrópolis” festival) and the productive promotion of local artists, together with organization Palio Teatrale Studentesco “Città di Udine”; the Civica Accademia d’Arte Drammatica “Nico Pepe”, an important centre for the education of  young actors. These three organizations, together with the Associazioni Amici della Musica Udine ed Euritmica, became a consortium in 2007 in the ScenAperta society, a coordinative “pilot” program which, as per municipal agreement, puts out most of the scheduling for the Teatro delle Mostre.

Udine also has other important organizations: the Ente Regionale Teatrale del Friuli Venezia Giulia, whose office in via Marco Volpe organizes the regional circuit seasons, and the Associazione Teatrale Friulana, whose office in via Manin coordinates Friulian language and community theatre productions in the territory.

A lively scene, especially vigorous in the three sectors that are essential to the life of theatre (production, venue, education), that brings to life a deeply-rooted tradition that is open to the development of cultural growth and the civic pride of the entire community.

Here below are the internet sites of the Udine theatres where you can find detailed information about program schedules and ticket sales.


giovanni_da_UDTeatro Giovanni da Udine

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Accademia D'Arte Drammatica Nico Pepe

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teatro clubTeatro Club Udine

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teatro clubConservatorio 'Jacopo Tomadini'

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